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Jaicom - In Brief

We at Jaicom have many years experience in the IT industry. Our specialty is the development of systems for subscription and distribution of newspapers, but we offer services and software for other industries as well.

By our deep industry knowledge and our systems, we are now leading systems supplier in the Swedish and Finnish market, where over 220 titles today manages their subscription and distribution operations with our systems.


Kanal-Data AB is now called Jaicom AB


From February 2013, Kanal-Data AB changed its name to Jaicom AB. The reason for the change is to simplify the communication.

Company identification number, phone etc. are left unchanged. Our new email addresses will be in format firstname.lastname (at) jaicom.se. Even our old email addresses will function during a transition period.

Finnish Jaicom Oy merged with the Swedish Kanal-Data AB in 2008.

Russmedia chose Kayak

International publisher Russmedia has chosen to implement Jaicom’s Kayak subscription system at locations in Austria, Romania and Hungary. By deciding on Jaicom, Russmedia is taking a decisive leap towards a state-of-art multichannel subscription and distribution management.

“We are delighted by Russmedia’s decision and will be working closely with Russmedia to deliver them a successful solution”, said Jorma Ainassaari, CEO at Jaicom.

Markus Raith, Managing Director at Russmedia, is certain that the Kayak subscription system will be implemented successfully.

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